About AVAR 2017

AVAR(Association of Anti Virus Asia Researchers) , founded in June 1998, is composed of leading anti-virus experts from China, USA, Russia, UK, Germany, Japan, Australia, India, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, and other countries and regions. In the past 19 years, AVAR has been playing a vital role in stemming the spread of the virus worldwide. The annual AVAR Conference has been one of the most authoritative technology exchange conferences. The 20th AVAR Conference will be held in 6-8th December, 2017 at the Regent Beijing. The main theme of the conference is “Back to Basics: Fighting the Evolving Cyber Criminal”. Over 300 experts and scholars from more than 100 well known cybersecurity enterprises in over 20 countries and regions will discuss cutting-edge technologies and trends in the anti-virus industry.


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Welcome Message

AVAR is a non-profit organization whose primary objective is to prevent the spread of and the damage caused by malicious code. AVAR now comprises of members from 17 territories, within the Asia Pacific region and around the world. We are facing an ever-changing and growing threat from malware, but our capability to protect and respond to the danger is also growing. I believe that the international and inter-organizational exchange and cooperation at the AVAR conferences through the years have made a significant contribution to those defenses. I am sure that our 20th conference will continue that tradition. AVAR is not just a conference for virus researchers, It is also particularly relevant to the business and technical needs of corporate IT professionals, students, educators, law enforcement professionals, legislators and all those whose objectives are to ensure safe and secure computing as well as the security of the internet. I hope that you can join us and benefit from this conference.

I hope that all speakers and delegates have a meaningful and wonderful time at the conference. In addition, I wish that they will enjoy their stay in the historic and fast-changing city of Beijing.


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