On AI powered cyber threat protection

Jiangning Shao , CSO , Microsoft China

Today’s revolutionary AI technology and data-driven business model have been the new currency of innovation. On one hand the rapid growth of IoT devices and the rising of big data era create un-precedented positive economic and social impact, on the other hand, the pervasive threat of cyber security risk become major block of digital transformation. The complexity of cyber attacks increases and the threshold to launch an attack decrease. For cybercriminals, speed is the rule of game, and malicious attackers can compromise their targets in a very short period of time: financial data theft, extorting ransom  or spreading widespread damage. Ninety-six percent of all the malicious code detected by Microsoft’s product security platforms worldwide can be seen only once on one computer, serving proof of the polymorphism, pre-targeted modern attacks and the fragmentation of the threat landscape. Rapid detection and the maximum possible reduction in response time to contain and mitigate new threats are key success factors. Microsoft security researchers are  constantly enhancing the security features of our product platform, by leveraging advanced threat detection technology, pro-actively exploring the power of artificial intelligence, especially machine learning, to improve the security of our platform end-to-end and protect customers against future new threats.

Jiangning Shao

Mr. Jiangning Shao currently serves as National/Chief Security Officer for Microsoft China. Before joining Microsoft China, Mr. Shao worked for Motorola, Motorola Mobility (a Google company) as Asia regional security lead, Asia regional chief information security officer. He has been well recognized as one China security professional veteran and leading security industry expert with 15 years’ experience over many diversified cyber security subject domains.